Glen Ogden is a British multi-disciplinary artist based in Leeds. He studied (BA) Fine Art at Leeds Arts University.

His Work originates from the role of the working man in historic and contemporary society through a range of satire performances and material interactions. 

"I have a socially engaged practice that explores the role of the working man in historic and contemporary society, through performance and film - imbued with a sculptural understanding of space, time and locality. I seek to emphasise the work, rest, work, rest mantra of our time, through repetitive and cyclical structures that evidence the physical manifestation of humans as tools. 


I explore social and political theory whilst conducting an investigation into behavioural economics; to pose questions of whether money is and should be our only motivation in the workplace?

My recent body of work, “Non-Essential Workers” (2020), utilises social observations of the current climate to combine three performances into a singular film that contradicts how we aim to achieve something meaningful, lasting and well appreciated in our career paths. Juxtaposing theatricality with the mundanity and repetitive nature of work, to explore themes of power, exploitation, classism and wealth through a series of labour induced scenarios; discussing our time as a resource and it’s worth in contemporary society. My work serves as a physical exploration of theorists' (Marx K. & Smith A.) debate; questioning efficiency and meaning as the most important factors in modern production, through the shredding of the output of one's labour."

Selected Group Shows -


Trading Spaces, Central Square plaza & The Corn Exchange, Leeds

Yeah Man Fairs, Lambert's Yard, Leeds

Release, Wharf Chambers, Leeds

Light At The Museum, City Museum, Leeds

Colour Narrative, Leeds Arts University, Leeds


Goose, Wharf Chambers, Leeds



MS exhibition, Chilterns MS Centre, Wendover

Dream Flight Exhibition, Amersham Auction Rooms, Buckinghamshire

Spring Awakening, Court Theater, Tring

Dunfest, Dundale School , Tring

Residencies -

2018 / Scottish Sculpture Workshop / Lumsden

2019 / Scottish Sculpture Workshop / Lumsden


A week long residency in the Scottish town of Lumsden. Exploring the process of the lost wax method to cast bronze.