'Package & Deliver' (2020)

'Package & Deliver' is a durational performance that explores management failures in a satirical manner, demonstrated in a cast of untrained employees and unbalanced work duties. It consists of four workers captured on a CCTV feed assembling, packing, sealing and dismantling boxes; mimicking the contemporary world of factory work. The context of the work draws from the rapidly growing delivery sector and the once unimaginable ability to have anything you want delivered the next day with just a single click. I oppose this efficient dynamic by removing the end goal of delivering the parcel, endlessly reversing the work of the roles before. Deliberately counteracting the research of behavioural economist - Dan Ariley, using negative motivation as a method to touch on low job satisfaction. By replacing the customers desired package with additional packaging, I patronisingly mock Amazons excessive waste of materials in an era of ever growing environmental concern.


Through the use of an aerial shot to document the unfolding chaos, I strip away the identity of each worker leaving the viewer to associate each performer as their work station; emphasising the reduction of our humanity to a cog in a machine.